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3 Things to Consider When Hiring a General Contractor or Construction Company

#1 Experience: How long has the company been in business?

The best way to measure experience is to look at the length of time a contractor or company has been in business. The longer, the better. This might seem like an obvious course of action, but because of its bluntness, it can often be overlooked. When it comes to employing service personnel to do contracted labor and make critical and (possibly hazardous) structural modifications of any kind to the places you spend time in, it is crucial to find out how much experience they have, or in other words, how long they have been performing these services. We are proud that Titan Construction & Engineering has been in business since 1979, accumulating over 40 years of experience in the engineering and construction business. Over the years, we have developed a sound reputation for reliability and integrity as well as maintaining strong relationships with our clients.

#2 Liability: Does the contractor have a certificate of insurance? (COI)

At Titan Construction & Engineering, we pride ourselves on integrity and sincerity. For this reason, we are including liability as one of the top 3 contenders to consider when hiring contractors and other supporting construction companies. A COI helps any company or contractor appear more legitimate and helps put your mind at ease. Asking your contractor for a certificate of insurance is one way to ensure your protection from third-party liability in the event something goes wrong on the job—inside your home or business. In case an employee of the contractor gets hurt or damages something in your home, the contractor’s insurance policy should cover the expenses. Accidents happen, and you can never be too careful. Our Titan staff is made up of highly trained and skilled tradesman that consider our clients to be our number one priority. Hire a contractor who will be upright with you and whom you can trust. We want to make your experience with us as seamless as possible.

#3 References: Budget & Timeline Compliance

Any major project is determined by two things: time and money. It’s not all about which contractor or construction company can complete the job in the shortest amount of time or offer the lowest bid. The secret is to find a contractor you can trust to maintain the project budget and schedule. At the core of all quality service is communication. A contractor that doesn’t proactively communicate throughout a project can cause a prolonged schedule and squander income. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to gauge how proficient their communication skills are right off the bat. This is when references come in handy. When doing your research, you should always ask for references and read customer reviews before making a final decision, just as you would before purchasing an item. Even though the contractor or company confidently answered every question and had the cheapest estimate, double check what their previous clients or colleagues had to say about them. If everything checks out and their reviews are relatively positive, then you know you’ve found the one.

If you or a friend are interested in receiving service from one of the most esteemed construction and engineering companies in Indiana, our in-house staff of professional engineers would love to be of assistance to you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us regarding any of our services!

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