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What Is Better - A Pole Barn Or A Metal Building?

At Titan Construction & Engineering, we emphasize learning and engagement when it comes to important topics like construction. To that end, we wanted to share a vital topic for many of our customers: which is better - a pole barn or a metal building? All of our customers deserve to have a lasting structure that adds value to their property. Let’s review a few important questions when it comes to this essential topic.

What Are The Advantages Of Steel Construction Over Wood Construction?

When it comes to understanding the construction of buildings, there must first be a discussion pertaining to the materials that are used in said building. One of the chief reasons why steel construction is superior to wood construction is because there is a reduced risk of fire with steel. Steel is a non-combustible construction material that displays its strength in enhanced building longevity. Moreover, steel structures are more expandable than wood with fewer structural alterations. That means that when temperatures vacillate between extreme temperatures, steel has a higher resistance to cracking and structural weakness. Finally, steel buildings hold a higher value and resale opportunity. Once you invest in a steel building, you are likely to get your money back and then some upon resale depending on the market values.

How Long Do Metal Buildings Last?

The common lifespan of a pre-engineered steel building is approximately forty to sixty years. However, that does not mean that after forty to sixty years your pre-engineered steel building will no longer be standing. On the contrary, with proper maintenance and care, your building could last well over one hundred years. Metal buildings, and specifically steel buildings, last far longer than pole barns. Please be sure to speak with one of our associates at Titan Construction & Engineering to learn more about your metal building construction needs.

Are Metal Buildings Worth It?

To be clear, in a comparison between a wooden building and a metal building, a metal building will always be considered far stronger. This is because metal does not warp or rot over time, and it is not susceptible to termites. Moreover, ants and pests are far more unlikely to roost in a metal building than a wooden building. Are you worried about routine maintenance over the years? If so, then a metal building promises far fewer maintenance checks.

Are Steel Construction Buildings Loud?

When you envision a steel barn or building, one of your first thoughts may turn to acoustics. Typically, steel buildings are thought to be loud and noisy. However, when compared to wood buildings, there is better noise reduction in exposed insulation in lieu of metal-lined interior with wood construction. You can rest assured that when you choose Titan Construction & Engineering we will properly insulate your pre-engineered steel building according to best practices. Get in touch with us today!

If you are interested in learning more about construction and engineering, one of our valuable staff members would love to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us regarding any of our services!

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