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What to Expect From the Commercial Construction Process

The US construction industry continues to rebound and add substantial value to the GDP following the pandemic. Even so, construction is no easy task.

Yet, if you familiarize yourself with the construction process, you will find the best contractors to work with. Plus, you will enter your project with clear goals and expectations.

So, keep reading this quick guide to learn about the construction process.

Step One: Planning and Development

The first thing you need to do is find a location for your commercial project and pre-design the building. You also need to find your design team and contractor. Once you find the people you want to work with, introduce them to each other.

You can also work with a company that specializes in commercial construction services. This will make the construction process easier for you.

Step Two: Design

During this stage, the design team finalizes the scale and location of everything in the project. The design process also includes construction bidding, programming, feasibility, and contract documents.

Construction bidding help determine the total cost of your commercial building. Programming gives you an idea of the space and its functional needs.

Feasibility addressed your desired amenities and site requirements. This includes site access, utility connections, and more. Also, energy requirements are becoming stricter. So, you have to think about the sustainability of your project.

For example, what insulation will you use? Double layer, full-depth, or something else?

Finally, contractors use contract documents to assess their bids. The construction crew will use the documents throughout the construction process.

Thus, the construction timeline and costs become more clear during this step.

Step Three: Pre-Construction

At this stage, your team needs to prepare the list of materials you need and request quotes from vendors. Additionally, your team will ensure all designs meet local building codes and regulations. This means they will get the building permits and required insurance.

The roles of project manager, superintendent, and contract administrator are assigned by the contractor

Step Four: Procurement

The owner and contractor will review purchase orders and submittals to ensure the products meet the required specs for the agreed price. You may need to use subcontractors during procurement.

Design-Build General contractors who do their own construction can handle procurement independently and with faster turn around times.

Step Five: Construction

The superintendent calls a meeting to lay out working hours, material storage, site access, and quality control. Construction begins with groundbreaking. It continues until the end of the commercial construction project.

Step Six: Post-Construction

Before using the new space, you must create a project punch list and complete a final walkthrough. Then you can install equipment and furnishings.

The design team will issue a certificate of substantial completion. Finally, the building official completes the final inspection.

Get Started With the Construction Process

This quick guide helped you grasp the construction process. Now you will feel confident in your next project. Above all else, it's essential to find a contractor who you trust and has a proven track record.

To get started with your commercial project, contact us at Titan Construction & Engineering Services. Our award-winning employees will guide you through your project from start to finish.

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